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Should You Buy a Demo Car?

The car buying process can be overwhelming in many ways, whether it's at Scarborotown Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, you have plenty of factors to consider. After all, you must decide between leasing or buying, new or used, what model to get, which colour you prefer, and so many other factors. Another consideration that arises is when you find a demo car for sale. Buying a demo car isn't something you hear about all the time, making it a somewhat unique situation. If you find one listed and are wondering if it's a good deal or not, we can provide some professional insight.

Demo Cars Defined

Before you buy a demo car, you need to understand exactly what it is. The definition of a demo car is anything that was used for test drives, or by dealership staff to commute.

Most new vehicles on a dealer lot have been driven short distances. Just look at the odometer when you turn on a car, and you'll notice it's not set to zero. But with a demo car, that figure could be thousands of miles, meaning it's been used quite a bit more than other models sold as new.

Because demo cars usually haven't been registered by dealers, they're technically new. That might sound strange, but it's true.

Sometimes, a demo car comes from the dealership where they're listed for sale. They can come from an auction, just like preowned models.

Know the Details

You should always find out the details of a demo car before you decide to purchase it. Remember that, like a preowned model, it has a history. While you may or may not get the entire story from dealership staff, it's worth asking for it. Get the service records in writing, too, so you know how it's been maintained. Even better, order a vehicle history report from a third-party service.

Just as telling are details you can glean from inspecting the car yourself. Look over the entire exterior and interior closely, because their condition will indicate how people used the car, and the kind of care it received. Because dealership lots can be cramped, you might notice blemishes in the paint and body panels.

Always Do Your Homework

You should never buy a demo car without doing some market research first. Investigate what incentives manufacturers are offering to buy something new, because those can reduce the price significantly. Be sure to look at a model with the same features, to make the comparison completely fair.

When calculating the value of a demo car, don't forget to take the odometer into account. The price needs to be discounted for however far it's been driven because that's wear and tear you shouldn't ignore.

Ask about the warranty, too. Do the different warranties start at the time you purchase the car or do they stretch back to the time when it was first driven by others? That can be a factor that affects pricing, and maybe your decision to buy or not.

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