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How to Store a Car for Winter

Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter Storage

At Scarborotown Chrysler Dodge Jeep, the cold winter months are now arriving here in Toronto and this time of year can be brutal on both you and your vehicle. Instead of watching your Scarborotown Chrysler ride suffer during this ruthless time of the year, follow a few of our winter car storage tips below.

Storage Location

The first step in this process should be one that is pretty much common sense. Choose a safe, dry and somewhat warm location to store your vehicle for the next few months. If you do not have a garage, look for a storage facility that has a concrete floor, not bare earth like in an old barn. While this place does not have to be climate controlled, just be sure that the temperatures stay above freezing.

Fill Up

While the first step is kind of a no-brainer, the next step might seem a bit confusing. No matter whether you own the newest Chrysler or even a hard-charging Dodge Challenger, it is important to fill up the fuel tank. Why you ask? Although you probably won't be driving this vehicle for the next few months an empty tank contains air and this air is home to water vapor. After sitting for months this water can contaminate even the smallest amount of gasoline in the tank. This contamination can corrode the entire fuel system.

Check the Oil

Along with contaminated fuel, dirty oil can be just as dangerous. Dirty oil with water is an even bigger disaster. So, before you store your vehicle be sure to pull the dipstick to check the oil. If the engine oil comes out dark, it is time to change this. Another rule of thumb is to go ahead and change your oil if you have driven over the kilometres recommended in your owner's manual.

Fuel Stabilizer

After filling up your vehicle's gas tank and changing the oil get a bottle of high-quality fuel stabilizer and add this to your gas tank. After, let your car run for five minutes to allow the stabilizer to flow through the fuel system.

Take Care of Your Tires

In order to avoid flat spotting or even flat tires, it is imperative to inflate your tires to the maximum PSI rating. To avoid further tire damage, jack the car and support it using jack stands. This eliminates the entire weight of the car from bearing down on the tires.

Keep Your Vehicle's Heart Beating

In order to keep below freezing temperatures from damaging your vehicle's electrical system from being damaged, be sure that you remove the battery if the storage facility is not heated. If your garage is heated, you can leave the battery inside the engine, but use a tender or trickle charger once per week to keep your vehicle's beating heart at the top of its game.

Wash, Clean and Cover

Lastly before you park your vehicle for the final time in several months give it a thorough wash and detail job to ensure there are no contaminants left on the surfaces for the duration of the storage period. Once this is completed, be sure to roll down the window an inch to allow air circulation and prevent moisture from building inside the cabin. Don't forget to cover this vehicle with a high-quality and tight-fitting cover that will allow this car to breathe.

Leave it Be

Now that you have your car ready for storage, just roll it into storage and say goodbye until Spring.

If you still have questions, or want to service a car care maintenance appointment, contact Scarborotown Chrysler Dodge Jeep.