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Car Care tips to prepare for upcoming winter driving

You know it's coming every year. Sub-zero temperatures combine with dumps of the white stuff. You don't want to be outside, but you still must go to work and run errands. The last thing you want is a problem with your car in the winter.

Keep breakdowns and car issues at bay with proper, thorough car maintenance. Here are six winter car maintenance tips from Scarborotown Chrysler to help you prepare for upcoming winter driving.

Your Winter Car Care Checklist

Get an Oil and Filter Change

Engine oil plays a big role in making sure your car starts in cold weather. Thick, dirty oil creates resistance when you try to turn over your engine, and it can be the difference between your car starting and needing a tow. Clean oil helps reduce internal friction and keeps parts well lubricated.

Before winter hits, have the engine oil and filter changed in your car. Your service consultant at Scarborotown Chrysler can recommend the best oil to help you through the snowy season.

Replace Filters

Your winter car care checklist should include checking and replacing air filters in your vehicle. A dirty air filter chokes your engine, making it harder to start and less fuel efficient. The engine air filter should be clean and dry, letting your engine breathe easily for the optimum running condition.

There's another filter to check also: the cabin air filter. A dirty cabin air filter minimizes the airflow into your vehicle's cabin, and that will reduce how effective your car's defroster is and restricts heat distribution inside. A clean cabin air filter helps keep your windows clear and the heat moving inside.

Change the Wiper Blades

An often-neglected car care item is the wiper blade. Our wiper blades are critical in keeping your windshield clear of snow, ice, and water so you can see the road in front of you. If your wiper blades are worn or torn, it can severely impact what you can see. Replace your wiper blades before winter hits for the best visibility from the driver's seat.

Test the Battery

A dead battery on the coldest winter day is frustrating and can be dangerous. You could be stranded out in the cold. Car batteries have an average lifespan of three to five years, but they should be tested every fall before the mercury plummets. If your battery is marginal or fails its test, have it replaced now.

Check Your Coolant

Engine coolant transfers heat from your engine to your car's interior, and it prevents your engine from freezing up in the winter. It needs to be mixed properly to handle the coldest weather your car will see in the winter. Otherwise, you could have poor heat or expensive damage to contend with. Have your coolant strength and condition checked in the fall and changed if necessary.

Inspect the Brakes and Tires

Winter makes it more challenging to accelerate and brake. To handle the road conditions, you need tires with proper tread and air pressure, and brakes that will stop your car every time you press the pedal. Have the service department at Scarborotown Chrysler inspect your car's brakes and tires to make sure you will stay in control this winter.

Does your vehicle need winter car maintenance? The dedicated, factory-trained professionals at Scarborotown Chrysler can help. With the expertise and knowledge to fix your car right, and the genuine parts to ensure they last, trust your car care to Scarborotown Chrysler.