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5 Signs of a Battery in Need of a Replacement

When to Replace: Five Signs That Point to a Need for a New Battery

Whether you own a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram vehicle the truth is that parts like a car battery don't last forever. In fact, most batteries have a life expectancy of 3-5 years, depending on use. Your battery is crucial to your vehicle working properly as it works in tandem with all of the other main components and although it is not a part with a high replacement cost, a dead battery can be a costly inconvenience when it comes to downtime.

Fortunately, your Scarborough Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealer is here to give you the knowledge; including the top five warning signs that it is time replace your car battery; that will keep you moving.

Slow Engine Crank

If your battery isn't starting every day without the occasional jump start or charge, then it is time to consider that your battery is on the decline. While there could be other issues going on, including a bloated battery or even broken, calcified, corroded, or loose battery terminals that could be draining your battery, inconsistent starting is one of the largest warning signs that your battery is failing. To find out if your problem involves your car's battery check your battery cables to find out if there is a proper fit or if there is damage to these cables.

Inability to Start on Cold Canadian Days

During the cold Canadian winter months, your vehicle may struggle to start for a variety of reasons, including a failing battery. On your battery, you should be able to see a label that says "Cold Cranking Amps". Those amps are what provide your engine with the right amount of energy to start up on even the coldest days. If your car regularly struggles to start on those bitterly cold mornings, more than three times per week, the amps are probably nearing the end and it is better to get a replacement then to wait.

Sluggish Electrical System or Indicator Light Flashing

While the most obvious sign that your battery has reached its' life expectancy is your car not cranking, there are other important warning signs to consider. These signs include your battery indicator light or check engine light flashing or even the sluggish operation of the vehicle's electrical system. For example, you may notice your dashboard lights dim down, your radio cut off or not play at ample volume or even your window motors appearing that they are failing. If you notice these and other car battery problems, contact our service center to test your battery with a multimeter to find out what strength is left.

Strange Sounds or Smells

Sometimes when a battery is about to let go, you will notice peculiar sounds coming from your vehicle's engine. While some of these sounds may come from a damaged transmission, if you hear clicking, grinding or buzzing when you attempt to start your vehicle car battery problems are most likely the issue. If you are also noticing a stinky rotten egg smell in your car, your vehicle's battery is definitely the vehicle's ill running problem.

Reached Its Limit

The most important thing to remember when it comes to both vehicle battery and proper car maintenance is the lifespan of certain parts, including the battery. If you bought your car more than three years ago, the issue of overuse gets called into question. If you put a lot of miles on your vehicle each year, drive in certain conditions or haul large equipment regularly the lifespan of your battery can be significantly different from those who use their car to drive to an office regularly.

Car Battery Replacement Service

If you are in the market for a replacement battery you have come to the right place. Our parts department has the batteries that you need to keep you on the road and the trained service specialists to assure proper car maintenance. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.